Shellshock Live with Popular Geekery

The gang learns that Star Wars was right, just give up if you don’t have the high ground. And discuss other life lessons learned from from the trilogies.

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Press Start to Continue, 5/4/15 (Happy Star Wars Day!)

The playlist is marked as follows:

*Title* by *Artist* – *Album* (Game)

  • All Aboard the Glitter Express (OC ReMix) by Light Pillar (Donkey Kong Country 2)
  • Synthpop Mix (OC ReMix) by ezpRado (Great Giana Sisters)
  • Monsieur Mega (OC ReMix) by RoBKTA (Rockman & Forte)
  • Sakit Chills Out (OC ReMix) by Hylian Lemon (La-Mulana)
  • Wake Up! (OC ReMix) by VIRTUALVIBE, Zzr (ToeJam & Earl)
  • Jedi and Empire – Clerks
  • Like a Dream (OC ReMix) by RoeTaKa (Dark Souls II)
  • Dreamscapes (OC ReMix) by Drakken (Anodyne)
  • Lost in the Mines (OC ReMix) by CFX (Descent)
  • Star Wars Gangsta Rap
  • A Brief Winter Trek (OC ReMix) by C-Curt (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team)
  • Laguna Tides (OC ReMix) by Emunator (Final Fantasy 10)
  • Borderlands (Remastered) by Adam WarRock – Remastered Collection
  • Space Ace (OC ReMix) by Blind Boys of Alabama (Gradius III)
  • Flash Man and the Sorcerer’s Stone Man (OC ReMix) by Deedubs (Mega Man 2)
  • Power Puppet (OC ReMix) by Jivemaster (Sonic 3D Blast)
  • Prelude to Darkness (OC ReMix) by Russell Cox (Castlevania III)
  • Star Wars LOL by Kabuto The Python – Shed Skins: A Collection of Sh*t that Sucks
  • Trouble Brewin’ (OC ReMix) by Flexstyle (Dynamite Headdy)
  • Metropolis Pt. 3: Scenes from a Demon Realm (OC ReMix) by Megalixir (Demon’s Crest)
  • Star Wars vs Star Trek – Wil Wheaton
  • Chronodyne Marine (OC ReMix) by ambient (Chrono Trigger)
  • Bando alle Seghe (OC ReMix) by DHS (Human Race)
  • Without Me (Vader Mix, Mash-up) by Eminem
  • Sunshine Through My Window (OC ReMix) by metaphist (Little Nemo)
  • JOHN BOYEGA by Adam WarRock

Flashman by Random – Mega Ran

Ending Song – Heavy Mario by Game Over

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