Press Start to Continue DLC (4/30/18): 5th Anniversary Blowout!

I’ve had the privilege to run Press Start to Continue for 5 years. I’ve loved giving everyone the chance to experience all this wonderfully nerdy music, meeting artists, and just all around having a great time with all of you. I hope you’ve enjoyed it too!

To celebrate this episode is DOUBLED SIZED! two additional hours of nerdcore, video game music, and me talking about how much fun all of this is. Enjoy!

(and YES you can have F-Sharp Minor, it was late and I forgot my music theory for a sec….)

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Press Start Reviews: Lost In Space (Netflix)

I love TV, and I watch a ton of it, especially since I have a lot of free time. I wish I had the energy to write more TV/Movie reviews, so I’m going to make the attempt… but don’t expect this to be a super frequent thing.

When I review something, I like giving the short answer at the top, and if you want to read why then read further.

Good production values. Acting is iffy, but fine. It’s pretty good so far. I’ll be watching more.

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Press Start to Continue, 3/5/18

Our first returning guest to Press Start to Continue! NyteXing comes on to talk about his new handle, being black in america, and the cultural force of nature that is Black Panther!

Listen to the full interview, plus all my other talks with artist, on the Interview page!

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