Press Start Review: Owlboy

If you like a certain genre of games, they sometimes can run together. You like Mega Man style jump and shoot games? That mechanic can get tiresome after a while, unless it’s changed up sometimes. What about rail shooters? They can be fun, but after ten of them you start to chafe under the yolk.

Now, I love me some Metroidvania. Defined broadly as a story driven adventure game with a focus on exploration, getting new abilities through gameplay that allow you to find new areas of the game world. And seriously, any time I see that tag on steam I have to keep myself from clicking “buy now.” I’ve failed on multiple occasions, of course; this stuff is like crack to me. I always have to have one ready to go… but even your favorite game become tired after a while. If the story is dull, if the characters aren’t engaging, if the exploration is barely there… meh. Why even bother.

So with all that said.


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