Press Start to Continue DLC, 2/11/19

Our Black History Month interview series continues with Vadell Gabriel, a DJ, hip hop artist, and producer of our fellow geek music show The Joyride!

Follow Vadell: Bandcamp | Twitter: @Vadell_Gabriel | Facebook

Also check out Notable Electronic Sounds ( and Game Genie (!

Remember, if you want to hear the FULL interview with Vadell Gabriel, Check out the interviews page!

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Press Start to Continue DLC, 2/4/19

Happy Black History Month! we have some new music form OCReMix, a new track from Lex the Lexicon Artist, and the first in a series of interviews with black artists that will run throughout the month!

Tonight I have a great conversation with EyeQ! Check out his work and follow him on the socials! | | IG: @christallen | | EyeQ on Spotify

you can also listen to the full interview on the site:

The playlist is marked as follows:

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Press Start to Continue DLC (01/14/19): Randomize Me!

Its been a while huh? I got the super bug thats been going around RIGHT AFTER THE HOLIDAYS and I had no voice! So… no show…until now!! Lets hit random and see what comes up! Enjoy!

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Press Start to Continue DLC (12/17/18): #PressStartXmas 2018

Its the annual holiday show!!! Every year i get to play all of my favorite holiday themed game remixes, nerdcore, and whatever else! I love doing this every year, and I hope the show bring you some warm winter cheer. Happy Holidays!

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Press Start to Continue DLC (12/03/18): So Happy Together

Smash Ultimate is coming out this week so of COURSE we’re doing a special Smash show!! Each song is from a game represented in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate… and there were a LOT!! Hope you like it, and I’ll see you in Final Destination!

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