Press Start to Continue DLC, 2/13/17

MC Frontalot interview!

Find his stuff at, and specifically those cool Propaganda posters he made during the 2016 election (

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Press Start Review: Owlboy

If you like a certain genre of games, they sometimes can run together. You like Mega Man style jump and shoot games? That mechanic can get tiresome after a while, unless it’s changed up sometimes. What about rail shooters? They can be fun, but after ten of them you start to chafe under the yolk.

Now, I love me some Metroidvania. Defined broadly as a story driven adventure game with a focus on exploration, getting new abilities through gameplay that allow you to find new areas of the game world. And seriously, any time I see that tag on steam I have to keep myself from clicking “buy now.” I’ve failed on multiple occasions, of course; this stuff is like crack to me. I always have to have one ready to go… but even your favorite game become tired after a while. If the story is dull, if the characters aren’t engaging, if the exploration is barely there… meh. Why even bother.

So with all that said.


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Bandcamp Donates Proceeds to ACLU (Updated!!)

Today Bandcamp is donating 100% of their profits from all sales to the American Civil Liberties Union. 

If you have ever been looking to buy some music, especially from people who are working independently, buy as much as you can right now. Some artists are also donating 100% of their proceeds as well.

Here is a list of nerdcore artists with bandcamps. Please check them out, see if you can buy some music and/or some merch. Its a worthy cause. Any artist that I’ve confirmed is going to donate 100% of their profits in solidarity with bandcamp is in bold.

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