Time for some HANDLE CHANGES!

Hey guys, I’ve changed around some of my online handles and my email! 

Gmail: PressStartMorlock@Gmail.com

Twitter: @PressStartLock

Twitch: Twitch.tv/PressStartMorlock

Mixcloud: MixclMixcloud.com/PressStartMorlock

Facebook (I haven’t changed this… Maybe I should?): Facebook.com/starttocontinue

Hopefully this will help when trying to connect with my various services and what not. If you have any questions, let me know!


Press Start to Continue DLC (12/03/18): So Happy Together

Smash Ultimate is coming out this week so of COURSE we’re doing a special Smash show!! Each song is from a game represented in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate… and there were a LOT!! Hope you like it, and I’ll see you in Final Destination!

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Press Start to Continue DLC, 10/8/18

Tonight I’m able to air my interview with Jayson Napolitano owner of Scarlet Moon Productions, and William Carlos Reyes, a fantastic guitarist and member of The OneUps. They’ve produced a beautiful album called Guitar Collections: Final Fantasy IV… if you love classical guitar and game music, you definitely should check it out:


And of course in the second hour we have some awesome nerdcore! Enjoy!

(Don’t forget if you want to hear the FULL UNCUT interview, go to starttocontinue.com/interviews!)

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